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An Honest Review on 1K DAILY PROFITS

Binary options trading have increasingly become popular as a source of online income. However, with benefits comes drawbacks too. People are generally on the lookout for safe investments and trusted online income sources. The scam software takes advantage of such investors. 1K DAILY PROFITS fall under this category of scam software trapping naive investors as deemed by The Republic after thorough research. The official website is filled up with unwanted ads and pictures of a fake founder of the software. Read our 1K Daily Profits review before you make up your mind to invest in the software.

A brief history of 1K  DAILY PROFITS Software

Name: 1K Daily Profits. Because life is that easy! *rolling eyes*
Appearance: The home page starts off with a loud promotion. Not very subtle.
Presentation: The presentation seems too needy!
Accepted Brokers: No mention of brokers.
Result: Don’t expect any.
Verdict: 1K DAILY PROFITS is a SCAM!!

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Detailed 1K DAILY PROFITS Review

Closer Look at the Name

We have used the internet for long enough now to differentiate between scams and legit online software at an amateur level. The name “1K DAILY PROFITS” itself sounds like a concept that is too good to be true. The scam software wants people to be lured in as soon as they read the headline which is why they choose headings as such. Any person with a higher level of understanding can comprehend that this website is a total fake and if he does not, then further reading of the website will give him a clear idea of the scam.

The Appearance

The overall appearance of the website is extremely weak and quite honestly, pathetic. It starts off with a loud and irritating promo of the website. Once you get past that, they have a welcome article by the founder, “John Becker” who is actually non-existent. The photo shown on the website is actually of an actor and they can be bought at a site called “shutterstock.com”. The fact that this software uses an actor’s photo representing him as the founder should really explain all about 1K DAILY PROFITS. Scrolling down a bit more will show you member reviews over twitter and facebook (apparently). These comments and reviews are absolutely untrustworthy because of the simple fact that it is a screenshot and the comments are not left by live members of the software. They could have been or most probably have been FAKED!


The website gets unbearable once the pop-up starts showing up every 2 mins encouraging the users to register before you leave. I realise that they wanna reel people into the scam but honestly, 2 mins are too less time to make a decision about anything. The pop up once again advertises the 1K DAILY PROFITS review and asks you to sign up with the website. The last half of the website lists the benefits that the members receive which are an obvious sham. These benefits do not have any further information to help new investors understand their meaning. Finally, the site ends with a highly vague FAQs section which raises more questions.


The presentation is extremely sloppy and constantly contradicts itself. The video presentation starts off by explaining about scams and tries extremely hard to convince you of their legitimacy. Red Flag! Any reputable company does not need to explain their legitimacy as their performance and services do it for them. 1K DAILY PROFITS review revealed every hole in the software and the method it uses for scamming. The video is apparently narrated by the founder “John Becker” who shows you exactly how you can make $ 100+ in just 15 mins. He goes on to demonstrate it through his own account which is pretty easy to fake.

Furthermore, John Becker explains that he developed an algorithm with a partner from Goldman-Sachs (who is also a fake like “John Becker”) that gives 100% ITM rate. He shows at least 20 trades with his own account he makes over the course of 7 hours and every option is a win which makes it seem more suspicious. Throughout the video, the “founder” tries extremely hard to get investors into the website. They try to keep your focus always on the 1K DAILY PROFITS slogan of theirs and persuade you to believe that it is real and possible.


The point to note after watching the video and looking through the website is that if 1K DAILY PROFITS is actually legit then why can’t they reveal the real creators or developers of the software which is extremely shady. It makes you wonder what else they may be hiding.


The software has made hollow promises in abundance. First of all, the video presentation begins with the “founder” saying that you have been suggested to him through a mutual friend and you are 1 out of 25 people to have received this invitation. Bogus! Next, he goes on to show how making $365, 000 a year at $1000 a day is extremely easy. It is highly illogical to even consider that earning $1000 a day is possible unless you are a manager of a multinational company. John Becker claims to have cracked the code to profiting during the global financial crisis and making $100 million for this community.


He claims you can make this money without the help of anyone. Further, he complicates the promo by asking questions without answering them and they can be noticed if watched carefully. The software scam uses brilliant techniques to confuse the users. Finally, he uses the 1K DAILY PROFITS software to show how he makes money in a matter of hours which is absolute nonsense as these “profits” can easily be deposited in the account shown later as profits. Please do not believe the claims and proofs shown in the video even though they seem to be extremely persuasive.

Associated Brokers

With our 1K DAILY PROFITS Review, we have proved thoroughly and extensively that the 1K DAILY PROFITS scam is real and needs to be avoided. The 1K DAILY PROFITS Review shows that the website has failed to mention any legit associated brokers, probably because of the fact that they do not have any. Failure to mention any associate brokers is an indication that the website has nothing more to offer than false claims. Any investment into this website means that your capital is at risk. Once deposited, there is no guarantee if your money can ever be withdrawn or transferred to any other website. Therefore, The Republic fairly warns you about the illegitimacy and fraud of the 1K DAILY PROFITS scam. Beware!

The Republic’s Verdict

Our 1K DAILY PROFITS review has exposed the scam software. All the research knowledge has been explained clearly in the review. So now it is your responsibility to stay away from it. The Republic’s Verdict, 1K DAILY PROFITS – Guilty for Binary options Scam! Kindly heed to the review and stay safe. Good luck with your investments.

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