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An Honest Review on Anyoption Copyop

There are thousands of Auto-trader in the binary options market. What we have been lacking is a social trader. Just to mention, there is eToro which provides social trading service in the forex market. However, that was not the case in binary options market. We have been searching for a social trader in binary options market. But, there was no true social trader we expected. Fortunately, we now have a great social trader with a highly regulated broker. Recently, Anyoption created a great social trader for us which is basically a Facebook in binary options. The social trader is called Copyop. We have analysed the Anyoption Copyop social trader extensively and found it to be a great invention in the binary options industry. Therefore, we have done an in-depth Anyoption Copyop Review. Please read our Copyop review to know more about this social trader.

A brief history of Anyoption Copyop

Established Since: 2008

Regulated: Yes, SySEC

Payouts: Up to 80%

Bonus: SySEC prohibited the bonus system.

Min Deposit: $250

Min Invest: $25

Max Invest: $20000

Demo Account: No

Assets: More than 100 assets.

Accepted Countries: Does not accept US & Australia


Copy trades from expert

Great platform

Highly regulated

Mobile trading support

Awesome customer service

Education materials


Advanced chart analysis not available

Open free account

Detailed Anyoption Copyop Review

Is Anyoption Regulated?

Copyop social trader was developed by Anyoption. Certainly, there are many auto traders that execute trades automatically for you. Unfortunately, very few of them are legit. So, does copyop operates with a regulated broker? Surprisingly enough, It does. Anyoption is highly regulated by SySEC. Moreover, the broker is also very reputable and popular. You can read our in-depth review about Anyoption broker to know more about this broker. As the broker is under SySEC regulation, you are safe to use their Copyop social trader.

Underlying Assets

Basically, Copyop has all the assets of Anyoption. For example, you will have options to choose from all kinds of indices, commodities and all major currencies. Probably, Anyoption has one of richest collections of assets in binary options market. It is always better to have a lot of options to trade from. Because you will need to take every possible opportunity to trade. Furthermore, the more options you have, the more you will be able to copy other traders. Of course, different experts use different assets. So, you will have more chances to copy the experts.

Trading Platform and Instruments

In our Anyoption Copyop Review, we looked at the Copyop platform extensively. If you want to know more about Anyoption broker platform, read our exclusive review on Anyoption. First of all, Copyop has all the elements to be social. Once you log in the platform, you will feel comfortable already. Because you will not feel lonely while trading. The interface is nicely designed and every is in the right place. You will find it very easy to use. Anyoption and Copyop platform are internally linked. So, once you copy a trade in Copyop platform, it will also appear in Anyoption platform. Furthermore, if you choose not to copy trades, you can also trade from Anyoption platform directly.

Social Trader

First of all, a social trader needs to have all the options to communicate with other traders easily. It should also have the statistics of the person we want to copy. There should be options to discuss the current situations in the market. So does Copyop have all of them? Let’s find out.

Anyoption Copyop Review

In our Anyoption Copyop Review, we looked at the social trader from different angles. Because, to be a true social trader, it should have all the elements of social media. The first thing you will notice in the platform is the avatars of different persons. These avatars represent the trader. You have the options to choose from different types of avatars for your profile. Moreover, you can also choose your own profile picture, which is pretty awesome. Profile pictures probably will make you more comfortable while choosing someone to copy.

Anyoption Copyop Review

First of all, Copyop social trader has a great way of presenting the statistics of a trader. There is a right side panel in the Copyop platform. This panel will have the list of the best traders in different categories. The platform ranks the traders based on their performance. You can filter them by different time frames. In addition, you can filter the rank by changing the time from 12 hours to 3 months. Obviously, this is a great tool to do a research on the trader. Trading history is especially relevant for us to analyse someone. Furthermore, you can click on a trader’s profile of your choice. Once you click on a trader’s profile, you will also see a detailed report of his trades.

How to copy?

So, you have performed your research on someone. Now that you are satisfied with the statistics, you now want to test how it goes. In our Anyoption Copyop Review, we explored these options. Even though the statistics are impressive, you are still sceptical! Because you want to test them before copy them directly. Guess what! You can certainly do that too. There are two options for you. Either you can copy directly or watch them before copying. So if you are sceptical, you just press the “Watch” button. You are now simulating the copy option, except that trades are not executed. The most noteworthy thing is, you can see how many trades you could win or lose. This certainly helps us to have an idea about the person we are going to trade. So, you don’t have to risk your money to test the copy option.

Another thing is different experts have a different currency of choice. You can choose someone with the currency you prefer. The profile will also show how much risk the person takes. So, you can choose someone who has the similar personality of you. In addition, you can limit how much you want to invest per trade while copying. You can also set how many trades you want to copy of a person on a given day. This is really great for risk management.

The first thing you need to think before using copyop is, you are depending on others analysis. So it is very much recommended to do a proper research on a person before copying. A proper selection of experts will certainly pay you off.

The Republic’s Verdict

In our Anyoption Copyop review, we talked about how can you benefit from this unique service. After trying the platform for few weeks, we have found it very profitable. The Republic would like to recommend the Copyop trader to our clients. Copyop is not another scam in the market.

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