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An Honest Review on Binary Option Club

So, you have been looking for some reviews on Binary option Club aka BinaryOptionClub scam for a while. And guess what, the internet is giving you mix ideas about this so-called money making software. Trust me, I have been as confused as you are when Binary Option Club scam came out. So The Republic decided to dig a bit deeper to know more about this software. Most of the blogs are probably promoting this software even though we found some disturbing facts about BinaryOptionClub scam. As always, we are here to reveal the truth of this scam. Read our Binary Option Club Review carefully before you make up your mind.

A brief history of Binary Option Club Software

Name: Simple and silly. A club of Binary options!
Appearance: No different than any other scams.
Presentation: False hope and wrong pieces of information.
Accepted Brokers: No authentic brokers.
Result: Horrifying! Don’t invest in finding results.
Verdict: It is a SCAM!!

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Detailed Binary Option Club Review

Closer Look at the Name

And they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. Well, you should!! At least when your investment is at stake. Think about a very friendly name that will catch your eyes and convince you that this is the right one for you. Binary Option Club scam did exactly that! Sounds like a club with experts in Binary Options. Or is it? The name of this scam might fool a lot of clients but not all if you take a closer look. The first thing they did is add “Binary Option” in the name. You might be wondering, why does it matter! It is a good way of being visible in search engine. I am not saying it is a bad thing but it certainly is a trick to scam more people. Consequently, the more they are found, the more they will scam people. Just a simple math.

The Appearance

First of all, we all expect a decent appearance from a trustworthy service. Because the appearance of a scam is scammy, right? Binary Option Club scam actually tried to avoid that but it was a failed attempt. Our Binary Option Club Review had a closer look at it. Once you visit their website, you will feel the Deja Vu if you have visited several other scam sites. Because the placement of the video and other contents are almost the exact replica of any other scams in the market. Yet, they added some minor tweaks to make it look like little different.

Binary Option Club Review Scam

The most noteworthy thing to mention is “The University” section. I have to admit, teaching people about anything a great thing to do. But are they doing it out of goodwill? Or it is their way of gaining your goodwill, just to take your money and scam you in return.

As I said before, at the first look the website looks decent. Try clicking different links of the website. The truth will come out eventually. Most of the links are not working. Some of them will return you “404 not found”. Certainly it an indication of launching in a hurry because they couldn’t wait to scam you sooner than later. These silly mistakes are very common among any scams and this scam is no different. Take the “Contact Us” page for example. Good luck in contacting their support service because there is none. Instead, you will end up with a white blank page. You can imagine, how will you feel when there is nobody to contact if you have any issue. Even just to tell you that, you have been scammed!Binary Option Club Review Scam


The most scammy thing we found in our Binary Option Club Review is the video presentation. First of all, the people behind the software never appeared in the video. Rather, the video is made with some silly animations and stupid voice over. The voice claims himself as Paul Schafer. Does it ring a bell? It doesn’t, right? Because this guy does not exist. Yelling out a made up name does not make is any trustworthy. If the guy is what he claims he is, why not show up in the video and tell the story himself. Scams are always coward and want to hide behind the background. Binary Option club scam is just another perfect example of that.

Binary Option Club Review Scam

So this mysterious guy mysteriously met six more mysterious guys who are mysteriously awesome in binary options trading. If something is too mysterious to be true, it certainly is! In BinaryOptionsClub scam website they mentioned six mysterious names of those traders. Just some six names!! Seriously! Who are these guys? and Why didn’t they appear anywhere in the video? So many questions unanswered, right? Scams can’t answer all of your questions, at least not in a logical manner.

Binary Option Club Review Scam


Then they made the scam even funnier by adding some fake results and blog posts. The results might seem very impressive at the first look but are they? If look at the results, they did not even mention the entry price and the price at expiry. No broker or auto trader shows results that way. A binary options trade result should always include the expiry time, trade type, entry and exit price with the outcome. They even added some fake comments which are updated frequently, just to make it look like an engaging service. Our Binary Option Club Review suggests that they are some stupid photoshopped results and comments.Binary Option Club Review Scam

Then they have added “The University”! OK, UNIVERSITY!! What are you gonna get from their university? The thing they posted in their posts is nothing new. Most disturbing thing is, there is some fundamental wrong information in their posts. God knows what you are going to learn in their virtual university. Maybe a degree on scamming! Even they are not even good at that. Exposing them was easy. Wasn’t it?

So the concept is, you will just copy the trades from the expert. Mysteriously enough, one of the six guys was a programmer who came up with the idea to develop the software. Isn’t it always the case of just any other scams? Even though they say the service is free, why ask you to deposit in some unregulated brokers. Why not let you use your own broker and just copy the trades? Because they are just after your money. Those six guys? They don’t exist. If they do, they will be there to make you lose.

Associated Brokers

Binary Option Club scam does not discuss any associated brokers on their website. That’s because all the brokers they accept are scams. Regulated brokers will never be associated with these scams. Remember, your money is this close to being scammed with an unregulated broker.

The Republic’s Verdict

In our Binary Option Club Review, we looked at the scam from every possible angle. We believe, the scam has been successfully exposed. Therefore, Binary Options Club is pleaded guilty of fraudulent. Do not invest on it and be safe! To know more about binary options scams and strategies, visit http://www.isthatbrokerascam.com

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