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An Honest Review on BinRobot Lady

You guys are well aware of thousands of scams in the binary options market. You can identify most of the scams pretty easily just by looking at their website. The money flying here and there. If you know what I mean. BinRobot Lady is not a scam you can detect easily. It is probably one of the most dangerous scams which have a good look. You might not spot it as a scam so easily. Therefore, we are going to give you an extensive review on BinRobot Lady scam Software. The Republic promises to expose all kinds of binary options scams for the sake of our clients. We investigated BinRobot Lady software very carefully. Because they actually tried really hard to make it look like a legit product. Read our BinRobot Lady Review before you make up your mind to invest.

A brief history of BinRobot Lady Software

Name: The name seems like nothing in the context of binary options. Quite silly!
Appearance: Other than the stupid naked robot. The site looks professional.
Presentation: Does not present a video with the person behind the software.
Accepted Brokers: Associated with dangerous and unregulated brokers.e.g. BinaryTilt, Stern Options etc.
Result: With the demo, you might win almost all trades. The real account says totally different story.
Verdict: BinRobot Lady is a SCAM!!

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Detailed BinRobot Lady Review

Closer Look at the Name

First of all, let’s take a closer look at the name BinRobot Lady. Did we hear that right? For the first part, “BinRobot” might mean Binary Robot. Or maybe it is taken from Arabic name structure where Bin means “From”. Let’s say we are ok with that. But, Lady? What does a lady have to do anything with this? Maybe they thought a lady sales person has the tendency to attract customers. So let’s make the robot look like a lady! People might trust us more. Well, sarcasm apart. Product name says a lot about its professionalism. Where BinRobot Lady scam is nowhere near to it.

The Appearance

Appearance is one of the major key elements for advertising. While most of the scams fail to appear professionally, BinRobot Lady scam did a very good job. Seems like we have to admit, it stands out from other scams in the market. Consequently, it is more successful in attracting customers. Due to a better appearance, traders often take the wrong decision investing on it. So it is just another dirty tactic to lure customers. In our BinRobot Lady Review, we tried to find out the scammy side of this website.

BinRobot Lady Review Scam

The first thing you will find on the website is “My name is Abi”. Ok, so they gave it another name. It says “I am a free binary options trading robot”. Well, certainly it is not free. you have to make a deposit of $250 to get started. It also says “My offer is 2 in 1”. What does that suppose to mean? Are we here to solve a puzzle or what? There is no explanation given about this specific quote. Oh, wait! It meant it offers both auto trading and manual trading. The website also contains good looking animations of some pre-made trades, testimonials and some self-compliments. In terms of appearance, we have to admit that BinRobot Scam did some extraordinary job. But remember! It is a SCAM!


For our BinRobot Lady Review, we also have to look at the presentation of this product. If you look at other fraud auto trading scams, you will see that most of them come up with a video. Moreover, they will use some kind of hired actors to do the talking. They will also show thousands of dollars flying here and there. All you have to do is catch it!  So that is one way of conventional scamming. The BinRobot Lady Scam took a whole new approach. So, does it take it apart from other scams in the market? Well, in terms of presentation, it is different. Or is it? Behind the curtain, the creator of this site is keeping himself/herself hidden from all of us. The lack of presence of the creator is critically alarming. Why keep yourself hidden if you are doing something great for the people?

BinRobot Lady Review Scam

They also mentioned the three steps to make money. Registration, Deposit, Profit. As simple as that. First, they said, join me for free and then make a deposit to make a profit? Totally controversial statement. Another thing is the trading methods they mentioned. One of the methods is Martingale system. Even though they are saying it makes a quick profit, it is actually a very dangerous strategy. Martingale is a method which places trades after trades in the same direction after losing one. This strategy is highly dangerous and can wipe your account within a blink of an eye. So this method is highly discouraged by the experts.


Since BinRobot Lady scam is not quite similar to other scams, the way they promise is also different. So our BinRobot Lady Review also researched it deeply. The software is promising you $1570 every day but it is not conveying the message conventionally. Instead, they placed some images of different indicators which you can use to make the profit. On the other hand, using these indicators need a high trading knowledge and experience. Even though allegedly there is an auto trading option, a manual trading option should not have these kinds of indicators. The reason I am saying that is, you can actually add those indicators in several free forex chart platform. Meta-trader 4, Free stock charts are good examples of platforms where you can add these indicators for free. My point is why would you pay for something when you can them for free.

BinRobot Lady Review Scam

More Proof

In their website, they said that the program is there for 2 years and it was awarded five international awards! But in our BinRobot Lady Review, we did some digging. We searched it on who is domain and found out that BinRobot Lady Scam was registered on 03/10/2016. So, it in fact not 2 years old. Another cheap lie is that five international awards. No other scam actually went this far. We searched about these kinds of awards throughout different search engines. Clearly, no award is given in this category internationally. Therefore, the website is full of lie and it does not create any credibility on this specific software.

BinRobot Lady Review Scam


The demo account of BinRobot scam is a joke. When you click on auto trading, it places trades after trades simultaneously and almost all of them are ended up with success. No trading robot, scam or not, places trades that frequently. The demo account seems like a rigged system to us.

Associated Brokers

Of course, legit brokers would not make deals with frauds. BinRobot Lady software offers some infamous and unregulated brokers. BinaryTilt, Stern Options, Empire Options, BDSwiss are the brokers they offer. Unregulated brokers mean huge risks of funds.

The Republic’s Verdict

Finally, The Republic’s verdict is, BinRobot Lady is a SCAM. The Republic Strongly recommends our readers to avoid this fraud. You have been warned. Do not invest on it and do not lose your money.

Finally, to register with a legit and trusted broker or auto trader visit our Trusted Brokers & Robots page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact The Republic.


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