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An Honest Review on BO MILLIONAIRE

Well, here we are reviewing another controversial online scam who have duped hundreds of people of their money. Binary trading scams and Forex frauds have become quite common on the internet which makes life difficult for genuine investors. BO Millionaire falls under this category of scams which perform these kinds of trickery to steal money from people. The Republic takes pride on every scam that we are able to expose for you so you can make sound investments. BO Millionaire is definitely a scam software and you should make sure to stay lengths away from it. Please go ahead and read our entire BO Millionaire Review to get a better idea about the tricks and methods they employ to trap people into their scam.

A brief history of BO MILLIONAIRE Software

Name Failed attempt to sound professional!
Appearance: Has all the looks and traits of a classic scam website.
Presentation: Pretty amateur presentation style.
Accepted Brokers: No mention of brokers.
Result: Say goodbye to ever seeing your investments again.

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Detailed BO Millionaire Review

Closer Look at the Name

Okay, it is pretty common for scams as such to try and pick names that sound highly professional. But, BO Millionaire? Come on. People reading this name from miles away can detect its fraud. “BO Millionaire” stands for binary options millionaire which sounds pretty lame. If you have ever invested in any official trading websites then you know how fake this name sounds.  Supposedly, this name aims to attract investors with a catchy word as ‘millionaire’. It makes sense because anyone reading this title would be interested as to know exactly what it is. But please do not fall for their scam. Read our BO Millionaire Review to understand better why we have decided to expose their fraud.

The Appearance

The appearance of the website is sloppy and careless. As usual, it is a single page website with a pretty weak presentation. they have a promo video embedded which starts blaring as soon as you open the website. Getting past that, they show members of the website who have just made profits. The weird part about this section is that they do not change. Ever! If they were a legitimate software and had numerous members then why do the live profits do not get updated? That’s because they are FAKE!

BO Millionaire Review Scam


Furthermore, there is a pop up every few minutes that encourage you to sign up with the software. The pop-up includes a cliche picture of a member posting with his profits and a warning not to walk away from this incredible opportunity.  The last part of the website comprises of the wild claim they make which is making $11,539.59 per day. I am Speechless! If you believe that then I feel incredibly sorry for you because this claim makes the top ten list of the stupidest things we have ever heard of here at The Republic. Our BO Millionaire Review presents enough evidence to prove their scam and expose them.


Scam software usually tries to create a very promising video to go with their website so that they seem like an authorised website. BO Millionaire has failed to do even that. Their presentation style is extremely weak and seems too lethargic. It is like they have done minimum work on it and tried to pass it off as influential information. Firstly, the video starts off with news segments featuring Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. This is used as a tactic to lure in people and make them watch the entire video. there are various other news clips followed by that which have the same exact theme of how people are making money online very fast. Next, they video cuts off to member reviews who explain how much they have profited using BO Millionaire and how grateful they are to have found it.

BO Millionaire Review Scam

Moreover, the software fails to give any credentials in the video or the entire web page. It is imperative for investors to know the legitimacy of an investment website or software so that they know their money is in safe hands. The video has a voice-over of the supposed founder which can be easily purchased from online websites. He has absolutely no credentials worth believing and makes wild claims that will leave you in awe. But please don’t be fooled by anything shown in the video. Pay heed to Our BO Millionaire review and save yourselves from huge losses and embarrassment.


You can very well say that scam Softwares like these are undisputed champions at one thing. Making outrageous promises. It’s true! Take BO Millionaire for an example. Their claim is that you will be able to make a whopping $11,539.59 a day. That’s right. Apparently making $11,539.59 per day or $319,195.37 a month is a piece of cake if you follow the system provided by BO Millionaire. Please do not believe such claims. These statements make absolutely no sense. Even high-level managers do not such amounts after slaving away for years. So there is no reason for you to believe that you can make this level of profit, sitting at home (in your boxers) without any experience.

BO Millionaire has even attempted to validate their story using live member reviews. You cannot like or reply to any of them or try to leave a comment yourself which tells you that the reviews are as fake as their claims. Our BO Millionaire Review advises you to stay away from them and warn all possible investors who are thinking about investing here.

Associated Brokers

It is not easy for trading software to get accredited by high-level brokers. But binary websites or Forex trading companies who are significant manage to get associate brokers of the highest value. You can follow our Trusted Brokers and Auto-trading Robots page to get further confirmation. BO Millionaire does not provide any associate brokers. The only reason for this is that they do not possess any. The only thing you will find on the page are some fake references for the promo video and association with companies that would never associate themselves with scams like BO Millionaire. A simple google search about it will clarify all doubts if you have any. Furthermore, legitimate brokers provide validation and a sense of security to the software and since BO Millionaire does not provide any, they can be deemed as a fraud!

The Republic’s Verdict

Finally, if you have followed our BO Millionaire Review then it should be pretty clear as to what our verdict will be. The Republic’s Verdict – BO Millionaire is guilty of creating a scam software and trapping honest investors. We have provided you with enough information to expose their fraud so please remember that you have been WARNED! Furthermore, do share our review with your friends and fellow investors so they too are aware and can invest soundly in the future. Good luck with your future endeavours.

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