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An Honest Review on CURRENCY MOVERS

We have reviewed numerous scams at The Republic deeming them as scams. But the Currency Movers scam has even left us dumbfounded. The scam has been particularly well-crafted and designed to convince newcomers to invest heavily into the software. Currency Movers software are one of the few scam software that seems extremely professional and executed perfectly. However, please take note that IT IS NOT LEGIT!. Do not ever think about investing or even associating yourself with websites as such. The Republic warns all readers to be cautious and not get fooled by websites that are disguised as honest investment sites. Please go ahead and read our entire Currency Movers Review to get a proper understanding of their fraud. Decide for yourselves on whether to invest in the website.

A brief history of CURRENCY MOVERS Software

Name: Sounds somewhat professional.
Appearance: Currency Movers creators have done an extremely good job of developing the website.
Presentation: Sufficient considering it is a sham!
Accepted Brokers: Non-trusted brokers. They are as fake as the software itself.
Result: Lose all your investments in an instant!

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Detailed Currency Movers Review

Closer Look at the Name

Currency Movers. The name sounds highly legitimate and well-thought. The name of the software is actually good enough to attract a whole lot of people thinking it is the real deal. Scam software like these usually try to pick up names as such but most are not able to do so. This particular fraud has successfully done that. The website seems to be associated with another hoax Kaizen Global. It is apparently an educational company that explain the ways and tricks of Forex and binary trading. Both these companies are major frauds who have banded together to scam people. Our Currency Movers Review explains in detail of their fraud.

The Appearance

The appearance of the website seems adequate. Both the scams present their respective videos on the first page of the website. The videos are extremely long which will definitely bore the viewers. Kaizen Global presents their video in Spanish for some reason (what!). Moreover, the browser tab of the website contains no heading but just the website link. These few knick-knacks should be enough to caution most people. Currency Movers review provides detailed information on this website so you fully understand the depth of their scam.

Currency Movers Review

The presentation of this software with seven tabs to provide information about their supposed services. The Forex tab gives information about Forex explaining what it is about and how people can make a profit from it. Following that are another two videos from “Kaizen Global CEO”, Reza Mokhtarian, who explains about himself and their software. This is definitely a fake voice-over which is pretty easy to acquire and usually available for sale. Please do not believe or trust anything that has been shown or said in these videos. They are FAKE.

More Proof

Next, Kaizen Global claims to implement a form of pyramid scheme which guarantees easy money making strategies after becoming a member of their software. If you notice the software closely, this is the theme of get-rich-quick schemes to trap investors. They call the following tab as a system. Here, the software tries to explain how to perform the trade step by step which if you follow carefully will reveal the scam openly to you. Also, they mention a few broker which are as fake as they are. You can verify their legitimacy by a simple google search. The rest of the tabs follow the same pattern. They also give their FB page link and contact link which are all given just to support their scam.


The presentation of Currency Movers scam is quite elaborate and seems to be well executed. However, there are small commonalities that they share with regular scam websites which give them away. Currency Movers review intends to expose these errors so you can make better investment decisions. Firstly, the video presentations in every page are extremely long and boring to sit through. The video makers do not take into account the basic rules of video making. Sloppy! Andre Campbell, the supposed CEO of the website narrates the video who is definitely an online purchased voice-over. However, the video avoids most of the common techniques used by the scam websites which confuses their legitimacy even more.

Currency Movers Review

Furthermore, all of the videos keep repeating their two-in-one package scheme which later just becomes an ad for Kaizen Global. Basically, Kaizen Global promotes itself as an educational company that explains all about binary trading. After much explanation, they dive into the prices of the membership which are $169.99/month for the customer membership while $185.99/month for distributor membership. Please be reminded time and again of our Currency Movers review that these investments will reap no profits but loss. The promo video shows proof of regular monthly earning potential as do all the scams. This makes them seem attractive enough and helps them receive new investors. Although the presentation of the software seems impressive, please stay away from it.


First of all, currency Movers scam makes the usual promises that all get-rich-quick schemes employ. Their claim states that you can make a whopping $40K per month using their software. Further, they use a pyramid scheme to prove their scam. Please remember that all of this is a big fat lie and they are using it to deceive people of their money. The people who have created the website have worked well to design a believable scam that has good potential for a scam so please be aware of it and warn your fellow investors.

Associated Brokers

They are one in a few scam websites that provide associate brokers who are as fake as they are if not more. The two Forex brokers mentioned in the software are Fx Choice and Traders Way. Both of these trading companies are highly reputed and will never have any associations with scams like this one. This simply implies that they have used every method to seem legit and convince people of their fraud. If you google these Forex traders, you will find their official websites so this makes it more difficult for people to decide on whether to invest into Currency Movers scam.

The Republic’s Verdict

Kudos to this scam on designing such a credible looking website but alas they are a fraud. They research performed by The Republic has clearly exposed their scam after the Currency Movers Review. Please remember to share this information with your friends and family to prevent them from unsafe investments. Therefore, The Republic deems them as a scam and suggests you, stay as far away from it as possible. Good luck with your investments.

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