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An Honest Review on Epix Trader Software

We have seen the transition in binary options and forex market throughout the years. Hundreds if not thousands of auto traders and robot came into existence and most of them are no longer available. Why? Because most of them were simply scams. Today we are going to introduce a new revolutionary software called Epix Trader. The software is now open for general public and we can take advantage of this software in different ways. First of all, Epix Trader in not any conventional auto-trader. Rather it is different in many ways. Surprisingly enough, this is the first time an Auto-Trader can both work with binary options and forex. We have tested the Epix Trader software extensively from every possible angle. Read our Epix Trader Review carefully before you decide to invest.

A brief history of Epix Trader Software

Name: The name represents the quality of the software.
Appearance: Website is neat and decent.
Presentation: Explained the technical side properly.
Accepted Brokers: Trusted and reputable brokers.
Result: Generates more than 87% of ITM rate.
Verdict: Epix Trader Software is not a SCAM.

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Detailed Epix Trader Review

Closer Look at the name

First of all, I always judge a book by the cover, at least in a metaphorical way. Most of the forex and binary options robots will have some eye-catching names. Some trust-worthy services might also have similar names but my point is, it is worth looking at it before investing. The name of Epix Trader has a simple meaning. “Epix” stands for something with epic quality. It might just be a name but after our extensive testing, we can’t disagree with the meaning of the name. We will review the software in depth to find out whether Epix Trader a scam or really something epic worth investing.

The appearance

Appearance probably is the first thing to look at before coming to a conclusion. So in our Epix Trader Review, we took a very good look at it. The website looks pretty decent and clean. The best thing we liked about their website is that it is not full of scammy cliches. Furthermore, the navigation of the website is very straight forward and pretty easy to use. Everything seems to be placed in the right sections. The front page will give you an overall idea about the software. Most importantly, how the software works and what can you expect out of it.

Epix Trader Review scam or legit

If you have visited several scam websites, you will find them with money flying here and there. Scammers try to convince you that, money is flying and all you have to do is give us money to catch it. The reason we say Epix Trader in NOT a scam because the website does not contain any of those scammy contents. Rather the website is trying to convey you the technical terms of the Auto-Trader. Moreover, they provided the details about how the software choose a trade and match every single condition to execute one. Overall, the website has a simple and elegant design which certainly shows their professionalism.


The best thing we liked about Epix trader is their video presentation. This is not a type of video you will see in everyday scams. First of all, most of the binary options scams talk about earning lots of money but they don’t say how. Epix trader isn’t a scam because it doesn’t promise you to be a millionaire within few days. Rather they presented all the technical stuff and the history of their software. At the beginning of the presentation, they will show you the statistics of forex and binary options trader. They also mentioned the percentage of trades taken by Algo-trading robots in Wall Street. Surprisingly enough the percentage was 95%. Why? To take advantage of the market, humans are simply not fast enough to execute the best trade.

Epix Trader Review scam or legit

The software was developed by Mark Evans and his wife Tina D’Angelo. We first checked whether these guys are hired, actors or not. With extensive search with my fellow bloggers, we reached the conclusion that they are not actors at all. Moreover, both of them has a background in finance and economics. Let’s not talk much about their history here. Our Epix Trader Review found the video presentation very rich in terms of information.  You can simply watch the video here.

How Epix Trader Works

This is where it gets a bit technical. We decided to explain you the way it works in our Epix Trader Review. Even though the trader doesn’t have to know how the software works as long as it does, it is always better to know. First of all, the software is designed based on the most successful trading concept developed by George Soros. He wrote a book solely on this called the “The Alchemy of Finance”. You can just google him to know more. Soros became rich and famous based on his own trading concept. Hit net worth is currently $25.2 Billion. We can imagine the power of his trading concept.

So how does it work? The concept is simpler than you think. The way of trading with this concept is a bit different than other systems. The algorithm of this software is based on the “Theory of reflexivity” from the book of Soros. The objective is to catch a trend early and later catch the reversal. This concept targets the short-term volatility with highly leveraged transactions. This strategy is also called as “Scalping”. This scalping method allows the software to generate a huge number of trades on a given day. As the software targets more short-term trades, it generates profits much faster than any other robots in the market.

Another great thing about this software is, it crawls through the open market in real-time. This allows the algorithm to catch a trend as they form and leave the trend when it ends. The software also contains the necessary indicators to reconfirm a trade before execution. Moving average indicator has been filtered with trading volumes in the algorithm which makes it very efficient.

Forex and Binary Options Altogether

As I mentioned before in our Epix Trader Review that the software is unique because it supports both forex and binary options. For both forex and binary options, scalping is the base of the trading algorithm. However, the binary option in the software is semi-automatic. The software will show you the strength of a signal in percentage. If you are comfortable with the strength of an asset, you just click on it and the trade is executed.

Epix Trader Review scam or legit

As for forex, the software is fully automatic. Based on the algorithm, the robot will set the “Take-Profit” and “Stop-Loss” automatically for you. So that it takes the full advantage of a trend or a reversal. Furthermore, the robot will find the best “Strike Rate”(Price) based on the support and resistance level. The software will hold a trade for minimum 30 seconds and maximum 10 minutes. The software is also equipped with highly sophisticated filters of oscillators. Another noteworthy thing is that the software takes major news updates into consideration.  Which makes it one of a kind forex trading robot.


Last but not least, the result of this software. In our Epix Trader Review, we have tested the software for a few days now to check whether the software works or not. I have to admit, we were surprised by the result. We have got a whooping ITM rate of 83% and more trades are running by the time we are writing the review. The robot does exactly what is promised by the founders. We will share more results in future.

Epix Trader Review scam or legit

The Republic’s Verdict

In our Epix Trader review, we discussed various aspects of the software. The software supports both forex and binary options. The Republic’s verdict is, the software is not another scam. We highly recommend Epix Trader to our clients.

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