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An Honest Review on Fx News Robot

When entering into the world binary or forex trading, it is imperative to take a note for all the scams out there. FX NEWS robot is one of these scams out there that have disguised themselves as a regulatory software. There are various auto trading robots out there which are trusted and give appropriate results. FX News robot scam is definitely not one of them. There is very less information on use submitted into the website. However, the software has been designed quite smoothly. The layout looks trustworthy and clean but does not be fooled by the style of the website because it is a guaranteed scam. Read further into our FX NEWS Robot review to gain more knowledge on their tricks and techniques to trap innocent investors.

A brief history of Binary Options Robot

Name: The name sounds quite tacky and desperate.
Appearance: Decent enough to fool people who have not done any research on it.
Presentation: A Sloppy presentation that is filled with loopholes.
Accepted Brokers: They have mentioned brokers that would never associate with them in a million years.
Result: You will lose all your investments. That is the result.
Verdict: FX NEWS ROBOT is a SCAM!!


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Detailed Fx News Robot Review

Closer Look at the name

Well, the name sounds less like a trading website and more of a tech information page. They probably wanted to sound more professional and authentic but it does not accomplish that at all. All companies that are legitimate have powerful names that get your attention as soon as you see it. FX News does not seem appealing at all. We have presented detailed explanation exposing their scam in our Fx News Robot review.

The Appearance

Diving into the appearance of the website, you will be impressed at the first look. The creators have followed the latest trend of website making and worked hard to make it presentable. However, as you browse further, looking for Genuity, you will find none. Firstly, it is a single page website. There are various tabs on the page that redirect to different parts of the same page. Furthermore, the web page does not contain much information. They have only emphasised about their software and how to sign up for it. This is a huge red flag considering the organisation style of the legitimate trading robots.

FX News Robot Review

New users reading the website will definitely expect details of the makers of the website or information on the founder. FX News fails miserably to provide this information. At least other scam websites have the decency to show a fake founder. Pathetic! It is imperative to give information about trading strategies or market analysis that help investors make an informed decision. All these information are key for a Forex trading website which is considered as a seal for these type of trading websites. The software seems to be totally anonymous and looks like they are trying to hide their real motive. It should obviously be clear to you by now that they are nothing but a dummy website funded to steal your investments. Our Fx News Robot review has done plenty of study and research to expose their scam.


FX News robot scam has fallen short to make a presentable web page. The entire page is quite sloppy and weak. The primary point to note is that they do not mention any info on the creators or founders of the software. There is no info or promo video explaining all these details which are quite vital. These are some of the key information that you should look for before investing into any website because they determine the legitimacy of the software or website. the failure to provide the background of the founder of makers of the robot settles the matter of their legality. They are a very duplicitous software.

FX News Robot Scam

Furthermore, all fitting trading software give information about the trading market and or algorithms that they employ to make profits. FX News provides none. What they give you is a day to day trade results which are obviously fake. Why? That is because they show trade results every single day. After reading some of our reviews, you should know by now that global markets are closed for trading during the weekends but Fx News somehow manage to profit even on Saturdays and Sundays which is plain IMPOSSIBLE!

Associated brokers

They have managed to give names of some high-level legit brokers which overcomplicates things even more. But do remember that all of these brokers will never associate themselves with scam software as such. The brokers associated with the website are StockPair, 24Option, EmpireOption, TorOption and Optech. These are genuine brokers who are trusted and have been providing safe trading solutions over a long period of time. So there is absolutely no way that these traders can be equated with scams like Fx News. Moreover, the only reason they have provided the names of these brokers is because they get a reputation as legit brokers which they are not.

The Republic’s Verdict

If you have read and followed our entire Fx News robot review then you can give the verdict yourself about them. The only good part about Fx News is that they made a very clean but empty website. We have successfully done proper research and exposed them for what they actually are. The republic’s verdict – as you can guess, Guilty as charged for creating a scam investment robot and posing as a legit one!

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