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An Honest Review on FX Sniper Software

FX Sniper Software has been around for a while now. It is one of the most viral dangerous scams in the market now. The software promises to make a huge amount of profits. The user doesn’t have to do almost anything to succeed. Beware, guys! This is just another scam which targets traders from all around the globe just to get their money. Today we are going to discuss how this FX Sniper is cheating customers and why should you stay away from this scam. The Republic is always committed to exposing scams in forex and binary options market. Please read our Fx Sniper Review before you decide to invest on this scam. We investigated different aspects of this software and found out much dangerous information. So trust us, you will be surprised.

A brief history of FX Sniper Software

Name: The name indicates that the software is like sniper which snipes the right trade! Silly!
Appearance: Poorly made website. Just like any other scam.
Presentation: Presented by a hired actor who appeared in several other scams.
Accepted Brokers: Associated with all unregulated brokers.
Result: Don’t try to find out with your money. Not worth it.
Verdict: FX Sniper is a SCAM!!

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Detailed FX Sniper Review

Closer Look at the Name

The name says a lot about a product. In this case, some might argue that they chose a good name. That’s because it represents itself as a sniper which only snipes the best trade. Well, to us it is just another silly name. First of all, FX means forex. Binary options and forex are similar but it is not forex in any way. So, a forex sniper is sniping binary options! Does not fit in. Moreover, the binary option is totally time dependant where forex is not. Hence, the forex strategy might give you a good entry price but not a reasonable expiry time. We think it is just another silly tactic to stand out from other common names of scams. Clearly, the name itself does not reflect or represent anything at all.

The Appearance

Even though appearance can be deceiving, this scam did not even succeed in their appearance. If you go to Fx Sniper website, you will find it very poorly designed. Not only it is a poor budget website but also they did not even out any effort to give it a good look. If you have visited other websites of scam software, you will agree that it looks just the same as others. The content and the youtube hosted video are not properly placed. Seems like they launched it in a hurry because they couldn’t wait to start cheating people. The front page just asks for your name and email address to get access. Which is another cheap tactic to lure clients? Well, it is more like a psychological game.FX Sniper Review scam

One might think, let’s have a look anyway as it is not asking much. But think about it! Isn’t it the first step to falling into the trap? That’s why our Fx Sniper review is here to warn you. Do not go for this dangerous trap. Do not even give your name and email address to them. Your information is never safe with frauds.


 The presentation is probably a great tool to promote a product. We have to admit that they did a good job in choosing an actor. Seems like this guy is good actor compared to others. His name is Simon Reed (So he claims). He mentions in the video that he is an expert in forex trading. He earned a lot of money by doing forex for about decades. His dress up and aged looking personality actually is great. Possibly one might easily fall into the trap just by seeing the video. Simon Reed claims that he developed a complex algorithm which he uses to gain profit. Seems like this guy in an expert, doesn’t it? Well, we found out something troubling about this so called Simon Reed. During our FX Sniper review, we actually researched on this guy. He is not what he claims to be.

He might be an expert but not an expert in forex or binary options. Because he is not behind this FX sniper scam alone. This same actor appeared in several other auto trading scams. Fx Sniper scam

Recognise him? Yep! That’s the same guy who appeared in another viral scam software named ProfitBall. Most of all, his name was Joshua Ethan in that fraud software. He was allegedly the Co-Founder & Financial Analyst of ProfitBall scam. Coincidence? Not really. ProfitBall has caused a lot of damage to a huge number of customers. He just changed his name and was hired to cheat more people in the process. By now you should already be confident that FX sniper is a scam.


This bogus software promises to generate $2000 a week with a minimum investment of $250. How unrealistic is that? Well, auto trading can be profitable but certainly not to that extent. This guy also promises that, at the end of this year, you will be able to earn $100000! Too good to be true? It certainly is. In our FX Sniper review, we also found that another lady actor was hired to perform as a customer. When she logged in she was impressed seeing a profit of $127.FX Sniper Scam

A reasonable profit? Ya! you could say that. Then after a few seconds, they refreshed the page and the profit is now $210!FX Sniper Scam

That was a stupid move. Look at the server time. There is a time lapse of more than an hour but in the video, it was not even a minute.  Another thing is, no auto trader can run unless the user is logged in. If the user is offline, the auto trader doesn’t run. As simple as that.  So the claim they are making is completely a silly way of making a point.


Let us not invest on this Fx Sniper scam to find out. Because the website result is self-explanatory. In the front page, there is a picture of some trade results with 100% ITM. FXSniper Review Scam

If you have traded before, you probably know that the results don’t display that way. First of all, There in no entry or exit price. No expiry time at all! It is a shame that they did not think about it while making it on photoshop. Even in the profit window, there is no strike rate. Only some random candlestick which is not conclusive.

Associated Brokers

In the website of FX Sniper scam, they did not mention anything about the brokers. That’s because they don’t have any regulated brokers. Legit and regulated brokers wouldn’t touch a fraud like this. Brokers associated with a scam are most likely scams as well. Our FX Sniper review strongly warns you to stay away from this bogus software.


The Republic’s Verdict

 Finally, Is FX Sniper software a scam? Of course, it is a dangerous scam. The Republic Strongly recommends our readers to avoid FX sniper. You have been warned. Do not invest on it and do not lose your money.

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