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An Honest Review on HB SWISS

Scams have become one of biggest problems in binary options market. Unfortunately, more and more scams are introduced on a daily basis. The most alarming fact is that these scams are becoming more and more efficient in their marketing. HB SWISS software of so-called Hans Berger is a new addition to the scams. While there are a few numbers of trusted auto trading software in the market, HB SWISS can not be trusted. Yet this software is one of the most viral software at this time. We have received numerous questions regarding this scam. The Republic has investigated the software extensively. Please read our HB SWISS review carefully before you decide to invest in this software.

A brief history of HB SWISS Software

Name: HB stands for Hans & Bastian. Does not mean anything!
Appearance: Very poor appearance. No different than any other scams.
Presentation: Attempted emotional way of marketing.
Accepted Brokers: No mention of brokers.
Result: Do not even think to find it out!
Verdict: HB SWISS is a SCAM!!

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Detailed HB SWISS Review

Closer Look at the Name

First of all, choosing a name is a tough job for a brand, scam or not. Funny thing is that the scams do not take it seriously. They will choose any name to launch their scam sooner in the market. Which is actually a good thing for us. We can easily detect a fraud just by looking at the name. So what does HB SWISS mean? The guy who is allegedly Hans Berger named the software after his name and his friend Bastian Hermann. SWISS stands for Switzerland where HB stands for Hans and Bastian. Certainly, some big companies have names after the name of the founders. Those founders are usually very known and famous people. For HB SWISS software, this is not the case. These guys are nobody except that they are just some hired actors. In a word, HB SWISS means nothing to us.

The Appearance

Appearance is very effective to attract customers. I admit that some scams are really professional in their appearance. For HB SWISS, I would give them a score of 2 out of 10. The reason is, they did not even bother designing their website properly. If you compare the website with other scams, you will find the exact match between them. In addition, the way of showing testimonials and daily profit is another silly scam attempt. Moreover, the design of the website is not done by any professionals. A kid can design a website better than that.

 HB SWISS Review

The front page has some facebook testimonials on his page. He tried to make it look like some legit testimonials. I mean, who the hell are these people and how do they give the legitimacy of this software. Moreover, in our HB SWISS Review, we had a look at their youtube video. Not surprisingly, the comment section is disabled and you can guess why. Even though they tried to keep their scam a secret by disabling the comment, it actually raises suspicions. Another funny term they used is “Swiss Made”. I mean, seriously? What does that suppose to mean? Switzerland has a great reputation in finance but these guys are nothing but some other frauds.


Here comes the funny part. The presentation says a lot about a company or a service. It creates the first impression which might be good or bad. If have not watched the video presentation yet, you should! Why? Well, just for the fun of it. First of all, the guy who claims himself as Hans Berger talked about his life. He mentioned how successful he was in his field. He also said that, even though he is successful, he was not satisfied. That’s because he can not give time to his family. Sounds like some old scam bullshits.

In our HB SWISS Review, we analysed the points he was trying to make. Seems like, they thought of all the points to trigger a potential victim. The most noteworthy thing is that they tried to get your attention from every possible angle. The only thing they are good at is probably the presentation. But if you look closely, the scam will reveal itself.

 HB SWISS Review

In addition, Hans said that he got the idea of creating the software after meeting his so-called quantum ass friend. Probably almost all the scams in the market tell the same story. Hence they are no different than any other frauds. Another funny thing is the use of quantum computers. While the usage of quantum computer is a joke to us, it is also outrageous. Moreover, Hans talked about his family issues because of this project. Who the hell cares about stupid Hans and his family? Give us a break Hans!


Promises are one thing, scams are good at. That’s because it is the only tool they have to attract people. Certainly, they will make all the promises they can’t keep. Rather, they will promise you, take your money and leave you empty handed. So, HB SWISS scam works on a superfast quantum computer, so what they claim. If you are little connected to the technological world, you probably know that quantum computer still has a long way to make it available to us. Currently, the latest prototype of the quantum computer is limited to doing simple calculations. Therefore, the implementation of the quantum computer is a bogus claim.

Let’s talk about what you can expect from them in our HB SWISS Review. Hans says you are likely to earn about $5000 a day by a computer which doesn’t actually exist. Even if it did exist, making that amount of money on a daily basis is a joke. Hans claim, HB SWISS has 87% of success rate. While 87% success rate seems reasonable, that is actually the point of mentioning it, to make it look like more legitimate. Let me tell you what you are likely to get. After signing up for free, you will be asked to deposit $250, which of course is not free. The software will then do the job for. But only in the opposite direction. With the quantum magic, HB SWISS will wipe your account and will ask you to deposit more.

Associated Brokers

In our HB SWISS Review, we tried to find out the associated brokers with the scam. They did not mention anything about any associated brokers. That’s because they are not proud of their brokers. Certainly, this scam software can only be supported by some unregulated scam brokers. This means, all your capital is at risk. Even if you want to withdraw your money, these brokers will not let you do so. You are likely to lose all your hard earned money. So, you should NOT invest on SB SWISS scam unless you want to lose your money.

The Republic’s Verdict

Our HB SWISS Review has exposed the software from the different angles. The Republic’s Verdict is, HB SWISS is a dangerous scam. We highly discourage you from going near this scam. Do NOT invest a penny in this scheme.


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