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An Honest Review on LEAKED PROFITS

The basic rules of a marketplace dictate that where there is demand, there will be supply. In the binary trading world, the demand is high but the supply is overcrowded with a variety of scams- LEAKED PROFITS being one of them. With so many eager investors lined up, scam artists like these are sharpening their knives and closing in on their prey. A website promoting a fishy software for binary trade, free of charge, full of empty promises and zero credibility. Sound familiar? Although they say don’t be too hasty in making judgements, with a company like this, you really should. If you need justification just read our Leaked Profits Review and choose for yourself.

A brief history of LEAKED PROFITS Software

Name: Sounds totally scammy.
Appearance: An exact copy of the Wealth Crew scam.
Presentation: A corny YouTube video featuring the most boring guy on earth.
Accepted Brokers: No mention of brokers.
Result: Denial and an empty bank account.

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Detailed Leaked Profits Review

Closer Look at the Name

The name LEAKED PROFITS makes it sound like large amounts of profits can go unnoticed by the whole business world. As if that is actually possible. It makes you think of binary trade as a broken toilet pipe, hidden behind the closed cabinet doors. The point is, inevitably these leaks are discovered due to large pools of water collecting in your bathroom. Much like a leak in your toilet would freak you out, LEAKED PROFITS gives a similar sense of urgency. You’d better invest before the leak is discovered! It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book: drawing in people with false hope.

The Appearance

Remember Wealth Crew Software we reviewed? If you don’t, there is no need to look it up. Just go to the homepage of LEAKED PROFITS scam website and your memory will feel pretty refreshed. Excluding a few minor differences, the entire layout of them is an exact copy of Wealth Crew’s homepage. Fake verifications such as McAfee SECURE are listed out. Even the tacky catchphrase “as seen in The Wall Street Journal” is copied word for word. Moreover, when you scroll down, you are provided with fake reviews and further false information such as ridiculously high profits attained with zero effort.

Leaked Profits Review Scam

Meanwhile, we have traced one of the featured users back to a website which proves that he is a hired actor. You can find him yourself here: https://www.fiverr.com/dtp1987. This actor is notoriously famous for selling good people bad ideas. Bad ideas where they lose money through fraud. Consequently, you will come across him again and again in the scam business. These are the common tactics used by these scam websites. Since people do not normally do much research, they fall right into the trap laid out for them by scams like these. Our Leaked Profits review aims to show you solid proof of their scandalous crime.


In the most cliche manner possible, these guys have a YouTube video on their homepage to convince viewers of their legitimacy. Most of these scam websites have a tendency to follow this pattern. Leaked Profits review wants to enlighten you on this pattern. The video starts with a cheesy voiceover by the company’s creator, Frank Bishop. Without providing a shred of evidence, he claimed to have a Masters in Economics (from an unnamed university) and ownership of a hedge fund in New York (also unnamed). An account named Wealth Crew posted this video on Youtube. Coincidence? I highly doubt it. Scam websites use information like these to lure in investors and convince them to cash in. Therefore, this is merely another try at fraud for the creators of Wealth Crew Software.

Leaked Profits Review Scam

Furthermore, he also claims to be an author of a book named “Happy, Lucky & Rich”- a book that doesn’t exist. If you search for Frank Bishop on Google, you won’t come across a single fitting profile. Not surprisingly, Frank Bishop is a big fat lie, just like LEAKED PROFITS scam. A simple search on investments and scams as such would give you all the answers on it. The Republic takes pride in providing you with information. These details from our Leaked profits review should really tell you that this software has scam written all over it.


Forcing badly acted scenes upon the audience, LEAKED PROFITS scam offers the promise of crazy sums of money daily. What makes the face even bigger is Frank Bishop stating that the software has a 97.2% win rate, with zero risks. Losing is almost impossible. All these claims should ring bells of no in your head. These calls seem way too lucrative for people without experience and a lot of money. Scams like them work hard to trap these fishes. Certainly, this is the most unbelievable fact on Earth, you don’t even need proof for this one.

Isn’t it funny how the video and reviews keep insisting that this software requires minimal effort and any idiot could use it? That’s because it’s idiots they are targeting. Seems like, some rich idiots who are too dense to understand the ridiculousness of such promises. Time and again these scams have been successful in deceiving people of their money. This is the reason why The Republic has decided to expose their fraud. Therefore, pay attention to all the warning given here at our Leaked Profits review to save yourselves.

Associated Brokers

Very conveniently, they fail to mention any sort of alliance or collaboration with trustworthy companies. This point clearly shows the standing point of the software. Every legit trading company has their own list of associate brokers or at least mention trusted brokers. Since this scam does not have any of them, it is pretty clear whether you can trust them or not. The website is filled up with regular bogus that most scam software follow. Any investor with a background of previous investments or sponsorship knows the importance of brokers or trusted robots. These are some basic rules that you should always remember before you decide anywhere. It is extremely difficult to make these sites look real but Leaked Profits scam has failed miserably at that. Maybe they finally lost all hopes of selling the software as legit.

The Republic’s Verdict

Lastly, this review has successfully unmasked the true nature of the software through our Leaked Profits review.  With each one of the reviews done by The Republic, we have tried our best to prove to expose the scams to the best of our ability. Certainly, the research and evidence provided show clearly that it has been developed by the same people who made Wealth Crew Software. It is highly important to stay away from this software these and educate people of their scam. The Republic’s warns you- once a cheater always a cheater! So be wary and tread carefully. Happy investing!

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