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An Honest Review on Lucrosa Pro

As we are well aware of scams online that prevent investors from safe investments and take advantage of them. One such scam software is the Lucrosa Pro software. As you will see further in this Lucrosa Pro Review, they make claims that seem out of this world impressive and they trap a lot of naive investors into their scam. The Republic will expose their scam by going over critical details and evidence which will explain why we believe Lucrosa Pro is a scam.  Read our Lucrosa Pro Review and decide for yourself if this website is worth investing into.

A brief history of Lucrosa Pro Software

Name: Lucrosa Pro. No idea what to comment on that!
Appearance: Seems acceptable but not up to the mark.
Presentation: Follows the same cliche style of any other scam website!
Accepted Brokers: No mention of brokers.
Result: It is a scam, there are no results!
Verdict: Lucrosa Pro Software is a SCAM!!

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Detailed Lucrosa Pro Review

Closer Look at the Name

Lucrosa Pro. Seems like a respectable but be sure that they do not deserve any. Lucrosa Pro software developers have dedicated themselves to swindle people of their money as much as possible. The name comes from the founder of the software, “John Lucrosa” who actually is a hired actor used to present as the “founder” of the website. If you research the scam in detail, you will find that Lucrosa scam is actually an older scam. They have managed to reinvent it using the same website and only changing the name from “Lucrosa” to “Lucrosa Incorporated” as mentioned on the website. Unfortunately, many investors have fallen for the Lucrosa Pro scam. Read the entire Lucrosa Pro review and save yourselves from being the next victim.

The Appearance

As already mentioned, Lucrosa Pro is an exact copy of an older scam with the same name but all of its other characteristics remain the same. The website looks exactly the same as its older version so any user who has viewed the older website or has fallen for this same scam earlier will need no advice. These scams are generally called “Get rich quick money making scheme” and the internet is loaded with such websites and software.

Lucrosa Pro Review

The video starts with an explanatory video narrated by the apparent “John Lucrosa” who makes unbelievable claims about making $2.5 million dollars a year(WHAT!). Anyone who believes they can make the said amount sitting at home, without any capital or investment experience is either new to the internet or was born yesterday. Further, the website claims that this offer is sent to only 21 people who are allowed to register at the time.

Further, the website claims that this offer is sent to only 21 people who are allowed to register at the time.This is a well-known technique of scam websites. Next, Lucrosa Pro Review found some fake endorsement badges of world-renowned companies like Better Bureau Business who would never link themselves with binary trading scams like Lucrosa Pro. The software concludes with a graphical representation of the amounts made by Lucrosa Pro members in your country of residence and a member sign up section.


Lucrosa Pro scam software worked hard to make the website seem legit and trustable. However, the overall outlook remains the same as other websites that perform the same trading fraud. The video presentation starts off with a wild claim about making $7000+ dollars a day. Literally impossible! It is narrated by the “founder” John Lucrosa” who explains that using his scheme every member earns $600 an hour. He further explains the key principles of the software which sound like fortune cookie sayings. John Lucrosa declares to have received excellent reviews from Forbes and Wall Street Journal which is a blatant lie.

Lucrosa Pro Review

Scrolling down, you will see live member reviews. These, of course, are fraudulently made with fake images of people who are apparently making a lot of money through Lucrosa Pro. Also, one of the images used in the Lucrosa Pro scam of “Andrew Fisher” is actually a quite popular image used in other scam websites such as “Mirror Trader” scam, “Profit Maker” scam etc.

These fake profiles are also linked with live profits tab. Now here comes the interesting part, these tabs supposedly show payouts and live trading results but if you look close enough, you will see that they are making profits during the weekend too. Now, this is impossible because binary trading is closed during the weekends as global markets are closed. This is the biggest proof anyone should need to believe that Lucrosa Pro software scam is a fake. Please be warned.


The promises that Lucrosa Pro makes to lure in users seem to be absolutely impracticable. They are no different than any other scam website that makes these impossible claims.”John Lucrosa,” says every member can make at least $ 2,5 million a year which is total nonsense. The video shows live partners who have profit on a daily basis and the concept of daily income is heavily emphasised. These have been proved to be fake in our Lucrosa Pro Review. Any website having claims as such are not real. Therefore, you should stay away from Lucrosa Pro software.

Furthermore, the website guarantees 100% success rate and risk-free investments. People with investment experiences will always tell you about the risks involved with any investments. There is no such thing as 100% risk-free investment.  Please be warned about this scam and spread the knowledge as much as possible to help develop a safe investing environment.

Associated Brokers

Lucrosa Pro software does not mention any associated brokers. Any website that does not have a list of its own trusted list of brokers affiliated with the website cannot be trusted. The software only tries to get investors to steal their money and take advantage of them. Even if Lucrosa Pro has their own brokers, they are unregulated and also receive a share of the scam. Regulated and trusted brokers are an essential tool for this market. Any investor looks to invest into a safe market. Trusted brokers and reliable brokers are essential for that. Since Lucrosa Pro fails to give us that, they cannot be trusted. Please note that any brokers associated with a scam website as such are also red flagged. You should not trust or be affiliated with them at any cost.

If you invest any capital into the software, you will not see it again in the future. That is a guarantee given by The Republic.

The Republic’s Verdict

The Republic has performed a detailed Lucrosa Pro review and has successfully exposed them of their scam. Please be advised that it is a highly dangerous software. Do not ever think about investing here and share it. The Republic advises you to visit out trusted brokers and robots for safe investments. Share and spread the info to protect your friends and family from bad investments.

 Finally, to register with a legit and trusted broker or auto trader visit our Trusted Brokers & Robots page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact The Republic.


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