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There is not much that can be said about Millionaire Trader. You will know exactly why we say this once you go to their webpage. They have as little work as possible and tried to pass off the website. Usually, software scams try to create elaborate websites to try and lure in customers. However, Millionaire trader has done the exact opposite. Their online page shows no credibility or anything extraordinary except for their overwhelmingly claim which is making 10,000 pounds a week for life. Yes, That’s right. You can apparently make the said amount sitting at home with no previous experience of investments using probably the most sketchy looking website on the internet. Please read our Millionaire Trader Review to learn of their scam techniques to save yourselves from bad investments and warn others of their fraud.

A brief history of MILLIONAIRE TRADER Software

Name: Sounds like every other scam out there.
Appearance: Has the weakest looking website.
Presentation: Visit the website and judge for yourselves.
Accepted Brokers: No mention of brokers.
Result: There won’t be any returns from your investments.

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Detailed Millionaire Trader Review

Closer Look at the Name

Well, for all of you out there who are looking to invest, here is an honest advice. Please do not deposit any money into a website or software who have the word ‘millionaire’ in their title. No company is so dull-witted to have the word ‘millionaire’ on their official company’s name and no self-respecting human being should think about investing in a website as such. This software scam has failed at each and every aspect and has left all of us at The Republic laughing at their pathetic attempt. Our Millionaire Trader Review aims to open your eyes towards these frauds so you can make smart investments.

The Appearance

It is extremely difficult to write about the appearance of Millionaire Trader. This is because they have very little in the web page to write about. Firstly, they have opened up the page with the regular cliche statement about how to make $ 10,000 a week. Besides, the software themselves seem confused about whether the amount is in dollars or pounds. Hilarious! The video says it’s 10,000 pounds a week whereas, the website says 10,000 dollars a week. Make up you mind Millionaire Trader!

Millionaire Trader Review Scam


Following the outrageous statement, they have their promo video which is also hilarious. The video follows the same exact style of all other scams and if you have read our previous reviews then you will know what we are talking about. Right next to the video, you will find their registration info. Lastly, the website ends with seals of authorization which are totally and quite hilariously fake. That is all. Everything that we have described here is exactly what you will find on their website. The plain look of their website will convince you of their fraud so we suggest you to please visit it.


You have to actually see it believe how vapid the entire presentation of the website is. The video of scam websites are usually their strongest part because that is how they reel in investors but the video shown in Millionaire Trader’s website is extremely vacuous. The video is presented by “Oliver Miller” the alleged founder of Millionaire Trader who shares his ultimate secret of making an enormous amount of money online. This is pure bogus! The Republic has previously explained how these ‘actors’ can be bought online. They are basically actors who are paid to perform an act using a script. The entire video is exactly similar to any other scam software video and follows every detail that they do. Beginning to the end, the video is a cliched copy of every other scam.

Millionaire Trader Review Scam

Initially, ‘Oliver Miller’ explains how he discovered the system while working for an investment bank in London. Supposedly, some mysterious guy at his bank handed him a USB with all information about this scheme which would ultimately change his life. All of this sounds like the plot of a comedy movie! He adds how he created an account with a brokerage firm (using the info from the thumb drive) and literally saw the money flowing in. The rest of the video follows the same line filled with delusional statements and extraordinary claims combined with some very unappealing photoshopped images. The Republic encourages you to pay heed to our Millionaire Trader Review so you realise that they are a mistake.


The website and video are filled up with out of this world claims which will really make you question their legitimacy. The founder claims that you will definitely make a minimum of $ 10,000 per week following his money-generating system. “Oliver Miller” claims using this scheme, he has made enough money to last him a few lifetimes and wants to include you too. Please do not fall for these outrageous claims or any other claims as such because all of these are scams. It is quite easy to get persuaded by the video which is the prime motive of these scams.

Furthermore, the founder claims that the software has a win percentage of 85%. This means that you will win at least 8 out of 10 trades. This is absolute nonsense and is not possible unless you are Warren Buffet. If you have ever invested through any brokerage firms, you will know hollow this statement looks. Follow our Millionaire Trader Review and pay attention to everything that has been said here. The Republic advises you to do a little research before you invest or read our Trusted Brokers and Auto-trading Robots list.


Associated Brokers

Millionaire Trader does not mention any associate brokers. It is also pretty clear as to why they have failed to mention any brokers. Authorised brokers will never associate themselves with scams like Millionaire Trader and jeopardise their legality. This is the only reason why they do not mention any brokers. Most scam website usually goes through the trouble of finding official brokers and uploading their logos on the website to seems legitimate. We can give them props for at least not giving any fake brokers saving us the hassle to check for their legality. The only thing found on their page are some stamps of authorisation. However, these are self-given stamps so they have absolutely no validation. Basically, they have approved themselves which means squat!

The Republic’s Verdict

Well, it’s time to give a verdict at the conclusion of our Millionaire Trader Review. As you can probably guess, The Republic’s Verdict – Millionaire Trader is guilty for the creation of a fake trading software in an attempt to scam and steal the investment of honest traders. Please remember this verdict and stay away from Millionaire trader. Share this review with your friends and family and protect them from losing their money. Remember knowledge is power! Happy Investing folks.

 Finally, to register with a legit and trusted broker or auto trader visit our Trusted Brokers & Robots page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact The Republic.


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