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An Honest Review on Omnia App Software

It is an unfortunate truth that binary options industry contains a lot of SCAMS. Most of these SCAMS come out with the form of auto trading software. When very few of the auto trading services are legit, OmniaApp is surely a SCAM. This is just another silly initiative to lure traders into the app and steal your hard working money. The Republic investigated the software from different angles and committed to taking actions against this so called profit machines. Please read our Omnia App Software Review before you decide to invest and find out why it is just a SCAM and not a legit software.

A brief history of Omnia App Software

Name: The name is quite out of the context and does not reflect anything.
Appearance: The website looks like any other SCAM in the market.
Presentation: The presenter is surely an actor hired by someone with very poor acting.
Accepted Brokers: Associated with all unregulated brokers.
Result: Well. Do not even try to find out. Don’t lose your money.
Verdict: It is a SCAM!!

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Detailed Omnia App Software Review

Closer Look at the Name

First of all, let’s have a look at the name Omnia App. The word “Omnia” is a latin word meaning “Altogether or Completely”. What does that have to do with binary options or auto trading? The literal meaning we would say is “Completely SCAM!”. Sounds a good meaning to us. Well, sarcasm apart. The name of a service is very important. It gives us an idea of professionalism and authenticity. Hence they did a very poor job selecting the name. Then again, what else can we expect from a SCAM!

The Appearance

Furthermore, the appearance of a website tells a lot about it. The website of OmniaApp is a good example of a SCAM. The configuration of the site is very poor. The website is developed with a pretty low budget. Does not have any security feature which very critical for financial investment. Things are placed here and there without any professional touch. Therefore the contents of this website are not organised at all.

Omnia App Software Review SCAM


Another important thing of a service is the presentation. We can understand a lot just by looking at the presentation of Omnia App. The presenter is allegedly Matthew Hammersmith. He claims himself the CEO of the company. Don’t freak out to know what we found about this so called CEO. He is a hired low-cost actor. How do we know? His appearance was also in several dangerous viral scams such as GPS trader, Terabit trader, Safe-guard trader, Satellite trader and much more. Not convincing enough? Well, he appeared in the video presentation driving a Lamborgini. Just out of common sense, we don’t think this cheap fraud actor can afford a car like that. Moreover, showing off a Lamborgini for an investment scheme presentation? How stupid is that? Clearly, this guy was indicating that anyone can drive a Lamborgini with our Omnia App.


So what does the software offer you? First of all, this so-called Matthew Hammersmith claims that he is worth $380,000,000! Well Hammy, you shouldn’t be doing acting for few bucks then! Most of all he is also making normal people millionaires. Did we hear that right? Anyway, let’s move on. Oh, wait! these virtual guys are becoming millionaires within less than 181 days! Most noteworthy, a new millionaire every single day. Guess how many millionaires we have on this earth now. What do you need to succeed? Well just three things, internet connection, 5 minutes per day, able to follow basic instructions. Probably he visits all of his students (actors) to find out how they are doing to become a millionaire (Scummy) like him. Therefore, if you don’t want to be visited by a great person like Hammy, DO NOT INVEST ON OMNIA APP SOFTWARE!

Associated Brokers

In our Omnia App Software review, we wanted to look at the brokers they accept. Obviously, legit brokers will never deal with scams like them. Therefore, scams like them always have to find unregulated and scam brokers. In addition, the website does not tell you which brokers they accept for trading. That is because they have none of the regulated brokers. Unregulated brokers means, you are highly unlikely to get back your initial investment.


The Republic’s Verdict

In conclusion, our Omnia App Software review exposed one of the viral SCAMS in the market. The Omnia App Software is a SCAM. So you have been warned by The Republic.

Finally, to register with a legit and trusted broker or auto trader visit our Trusted Brokers & Robots page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact The Republic.


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