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An Honest Review on Tera App

Scammers are never tired of finding new ways of scamming. Hundreds of new scam software are coming to the market every week. That is why we are exposing them as quickly as possible. Tera App scam is a new contribution in the scam market. Tera App software became viral since it was promoted in the market. There are many blogs that exposed this scam. But unfortunately, many blogs are promoting it by showing you some fake results. This is alarming because you are trying to find some truth but instead, they deliver you lies. We have investigated the Tera App scam extensively and found disturbing information. Therefore, read our Tera App review before you think about investing.

A brief history of Tera App Software

Name: The name is pretty simple. Does not contain any relevant insight.
Appearance: Not so different than other scams.
Presentation: False actors and statistics everywhere.
Accepted Brokers: No mentioning of brokers.
Result: Just like any other fraud.
Verdict: Tera App Software is a SCAM!!

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Detailed Tera App Review

Closer Look at the Name

The first thing we look at is the name. You might argue, it is just a name, right? It is, but it certainly gives us some idea about the professionalism. Obviously, some of the scams are very clever in choosing names. But that is not the case for Tera App software. It actually was comparatively easier to expose this scam in out Tera App Review. So in their presentation, they did not mention why the name is Tera App and how is it significant. It is not someone’s name, not the name of the algorithm. In my view, they were just lazy in the promotion.

The Appearance

First of all, you will feel a bit of scepticism if you visit any scam site. You can’t explain why but you know that something is off about the website. Actually, it is our psychology that warns us. So if visit Tera App website, I will assure you, you will feel exactly that. The first thing I probably felt after seeing them is, it is just another scam. Due to the fact of false promises, it became more clear to us. If you look at the design of the website, you will see they did not even take a different approach. All they did is copy other scam sites and paste it in a new domain. So what do they have on their website? First, have a look at it yourself. Tera App Review

The first thing they have is the video. We will talk about it in our next section. Not to mention, the design itself is very poor. I don’t think it was done by any professional. Because things are placed in a very poorly manner. Furthermore, the page is full of misleading information. There are so many questionable contents. For example, those testimonials are totally vague. I am sure these people are just some guys from Fiverr. They will allow their testimony anywhere as long as you pay them. These are not any real results. So do not fall for it.

Moreover, they don’t mention much about the software. For example, how this software work or what kind of strategy it uses. Rather, they said, the software is easy to use, have financial databases and blah blah blah… We expect more, even from a scam! Just kidding. These types of mistakes allow us to expose them easily.


So, you wanted proof. I am gonna give you that right now. Just hold your breath for a while. The CEO of Tera App scam is Richard Heffner (Allegedly). Do not be surprised if I told you, he is actually the CEO of a lot more scams. In our Tera App review, we found out who he is and what he does for a living. First od all, he is in no way CEO of any company. Rather he is just an infamous actor who acts in a CEO role. His original name is Patrick D. Green. Surprisingly enough we found this guy in IMDB!

Tera App Review Scam

He is one hell of an actor. You can actually find him in IMBD. I guess he did some short films here and there. Then ended up being a scam actor. I appeared on several scam software. We reviewed Omnia App just a week ago. Guess what, he was there. You can Read our whole review on Omnia App scam. This guy just does not stop. You will also see him in TERABIT Trader scam. In fact, they showed the same video in Tera App. These lazy scammers did not even bother changing the video.

Tera App Review Scam

It does not end there. He also acted for so-called GPS Trader. So it just goes on and on. These are some pathetic approach to lure people in. This stupid actor does not care about your money. All he wants is getting hired and earn some cash for him.


First of all, they also said, it is 100% free and you could get instant access. For the record, nothing is free. Not even this Tera App scam. Once you sign up with your email and name, you will be forwarded to the deposit page. Moreover, they will ask you to deposit minimum $250. So, this is not free. Then this D. Green said that he made 27 people millionaire within three months where he himself just acts for money. LOL! This Tera App scam promises you to earn $20000 a month. This is in no way reasonable.

Let me tell you what will happen. So, you are impressed. You deposited the money with the dream of becoming a millionaire. What’s next? Isn’t it obvious? You are scammed, mate! It was a financial prank. Live with it! The sole purpose of our Tera App Review is to keep you away from this scam. DO NOT invest on Tera App scam! Trust me, your account will be wiped within a blink of an eye.

Associated Brokers

They say good stuff come out of good stuff. So don’t be a fool expecting some legit brokers from this scam. If the founder is a scam, whatever they are associated with, are scams. As simple as that. As expected, they did not mention about the brokers they accept. That is because it will reveal that they are nothing but scams. But if you are reading this, you and I did a pretty good job exposing these cowards. The brokers they accept will either use their agents to trade and make you lose or they will deny your withdrawal. Either way, they will keep the money.

The Republic’s Verdict

In our Tera App Review, we believe, we successfully presented all the evidence to prove that they are SCAM. The Republic announces that Tera App is guilty of scamming. Stay away from Tera App scam and invest wisely. If you want to invest safely, choose from The Republic’s recommended Auto-Traders.


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