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An Honest Review on Tesler App

Like every other website out there, Tesler App software promises to make you rich within a month. Let’s not go so far, A DAY. It claims to have a success rate of 93%?? Which is completely hocus pocus. Let’s see what binary trading options really do. Binary traders predict whether the value of gold, stocks, markets, etc., increases or decreases within a given time frame. Can you make money using binary trading options? Yes, you can only if you trade at legitimate binary Auto- Traders. To know more, follow our Tesler App Review.

Furthermore, if you look at all the scams we have reviewed so far and try to find out about the legitimate brokers, you will find none. All of them either don’t exist or are actors who are extremely good at convincing people of their stupidity.  Read our Tesler App Review carefully and we will show you how Tesler is a fraud and it is a FAT lying machine like all the other websites out there.

A brief history of Tesler App Software

Name: Tesler App
Appearance: Looks like every other scammy website out there.
Presentation: A corny guy emphasising on the word SUCCESS to win over people.
Accepted Brokers: Nowhere to be found.
Result: Crushes your hopes of ever making money.
Verdict: Tesler App Software is a SCAM!!

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Detailed Tesler App Review

Closer Look at the Name

The name Tesler App rings a bell, doesn’t it? If you haven’t noticed, TESLA is an automaker company and a very famous one at that. The name is everywhere starting from a normal google entry to all the social media sites as well. Isn’t it weird that they would choose the name TESLER for their software and company? The name doesn’t make any sense, however, if you really want to see it then you will notice that they chose this name purposely because it sounds so much like the name TESLA. They are targeting ignorant people who don’t know the difference and hoping and praying that they don’t find out that it is not the same company. To prove their legitimacy, they chose the name with so much care that it can fool the regular people into thinking it might be the real deal as it PROBABLY belongs to TESLA.

The Appearance

Tesler App is a FRAUD. The appearance will give it away, I assure you as it looks a lot like all the websites who are trying to do the exact same thing. They did quite a good job to give it a professional look, however, they failed miserably. If you visit the site, you will notice quite a few spelling mistakes. For crying out loud, if you as a company are responsible for such a complicated procedure and the wealth of so many people, the least you can do is get your spellings right. They are terrible and sloppy at faking as well. In addition, to convince customers more of their “legitness”, they have incorporated maps of whichever country you are visiting the site from, so that users get the confidence that they are not the only fisherman on the same boat.


Watching the video will make you realise that they were trying to touch the emotional side of the viewers. As common folks keep watching, it has a tad bit of power to be convincing, however, if you really concentrate and look for loopholes, you will find plenty. First of all, Steven Abrahams (his stage name, I’m sure) keeps talking about Lead patterns. Now, common folks who are not into trading won’t know what it means, but as it sounds sophisticated enough and hard for users to grasp the meaning will probably think it must be legit. Good job, Tesler!! He keeps mentioning Lead patterns and delays it till the end. By the time the video ends, viewers won’t even care about it because in the middle he has done a great job of showing you the foolish dream.Tesler App Review Scam

Furthermore, if you keep watching, you will notice he keeps repeating the same idea over and over again as if he is trying really hard to spoonfeed the idea of being successful and earning a lot of money. He keeps emphasising how it is free of charge, IT’S FREE FREE FREE. Come on, viewers what was ever free of charge and made you a lot of money? NOTHING!

Fake Acting

Conveniently all his partners are everyday normal people. I mean, obviously, there is no way to check their background, so there is no other option other than taking the risk. Similar to every other scammer, apparently, he has appeared on Forbes magazine, World finance, CNN business and so on. Trust me, we searched and found nothing. As you keep watching, you will notice that he keeps repeating how a user will make $237 an hour and then by the end of the video, he contradicts himself saying users will make $85 an hour. Could it get any worse than that?


Oh, they promise a lot. Throughout the video, they promise you wealth, success, a great life, and everything possibly related to that idea. Tesler App scam trading software promises that the user will make $237 an hour. As a result of that, the users will make $5700 in ONE DAY. I mean, really even after he contradicts himself a lot, with an investment of $237, how is it possible to make $5700 in a day for the rest of your life? Seriously, if this was such a legit software, by now wall street, above all, would first go and grab it. So the fact that they didn’t even patent it yet raises a lot of question.

Tesler App Review Scam

Even though Tesler App scam promises to make you a millionaire by the end of the year. Honestly, if that were true then we all would quit jobs and studies and do this for a living.

Associated Brokers

After thorough research in our Tesler App Review, traders will be confident that there are no trustworthy brokers associated with Tesler app scam. The fact that traders can’t find any information about Steven Abraham should be able to give us a clear picture about their legitimacy. Furthermore, there is no mention of any brokers in the video as well. If looked closely, the user will notice that there is no email address or any contact information given. There is no way to contact them for raising questions as well.

The Republic’s Verdict

In conclusion, hard earned money is worth a lot and it isn’t worth wasting it by investing in Tesler app trading software. Therefore, Our Tesler App review will save you from risking your money and save you from phoney scams similar to this software. So after our Tesler App Review, we hereby announce that this software is pleaded guilty of scamming. Hopefully, this will open your eyes and make you more cautious against Tesler App. TESLER App IS A FRAUD! Trade at your own risk. We mean, do not even trade with Tesler scam.


 Finally, to register with a legit and trusted broker or auto trader visit our Trusted Brokers & Robots page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact The Republic.


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