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An Honest Review on United Trading Network

Social media is one of the most innovative inventions in our time. It helps us give an update and be updated. Due to its accessibility, we are now one click away from connecting to the world. Today we are going to take a look at United Trading Network. It is a semi-automatic trading tool. This software has taken the social network to whole new level. The application of social network in a binary options robot is not what we see every day. This implementation is unique and it is appreciable. This is an example of how the strength of the social network is not limited to our personal or social life. Rather, it can amplify our success in financial investment. The Republic investigated this unique software carefully. Therefore, please read our extensive United Trading Network Review before you decide to invest.

A brief history of United Trading Network

Name: The name does not sound like a scam.
Appearance: The website is professionally built.
Presentation: The presentation was to the point. No fake promises.
Accepted Brokers: Trusted and reputable brokers.
Result: Generates more than 85% of ITM rate.
Verdict: United Trading Network is not a SCAM.


Detailed United Trading Network Review

Closer Look at the name

A professional service should have a reflective name. We should be able to understand a bit by hearing the name. The naming of this software did exactly that. First of all, the name itself reflects the motive of this software. Since the “Network” is there, we can assume it uses some kind of networking to trade. And you are right! It actually takes networking into consideration to trade. While most of the auto trading software take only analysis tool to generate signals, UTN combines the analytics with the social network. Hence the name speaks for itself.

The appearance

We all know about the “First impression”. If don’t like something at the first look, you will probably never like it. Therefore the appearance is a very important tool. Seems like most of us will visit a website and decide to stay on it based on the appearance. Well, yes appearance can be deceiving but it is equally necessary. For our United Trading Network Review, we took a look at the inside of this software. First of all, the first impression of the registration page is not so impressive. The design of the page is very typical if you have seen other pages. Other than that, the page contains a lot of information about how the software works.

United Trading Network Review

As you scroll down, you will see more information about the software as well as details about the people behind the software. The inside of the software is really impressive. Once you log in with your account, you will find it very professional. We found the interface very user-friendly. In addition, everything seems very neat and things are placed exactly where they are supposed to be. The UTN software is designed in a way where anyone will be able to interact with the software very easily. Some people may argue that United Trading Network is a scam just by looking at the login page. But surely that is not the case once you see the inside of UTN. We could not find anything to rule UTN a scam.


While most of the services are unable to present professionally, UTN software did a fairly good job. In terms of presentation, we found it really informative. First of all, the video presentation started with the story behind the software. The professor explained how his students started the project. The four students were presented who were behind the United Trading Network. Furthermore, They explained the background of all the students. They also mentioned how students from different background came together to build a perfect software.

They also talked about how the software works. In the presentation, they explained how technical data is combined with the social network. They also talked about the expertise of each individual and how they contributed to different aspects of the software. Another impressive thing is that they have received several awards because of their work. While these awards are the inspiration to them, it is also the legitimacy of their work.

In our United Trading Network Review, we tried to find out information about the individuals in the video. Seems like they are legit. After extensive research, we could not find them as fake actors. As we know most of the scams in the market will hire actors to promote their fraud services. We found this is not the case for United Trading Network.

How United Trading Network Works

The BinaryOptions Republic tests the efficiency of the software before confirming its legitimacy. First of all, let’s talk about how this software works to generate signals.The trading algorithm is a must for building an auto trading software. These algorithms will analyse the market data with different tools and pick the right trade. While this might seem entirely enough to pick a trade, guess what, it is not. Most of the trading robots, scam or not, will talk about these trading algorithms. All of them will tell you that, they produced the best algorithm possible and blah blah blah!

The reason we are saying that a trading algorithm alone is not enough is because they are never perfect. Certainly, a professional trader trades based on analysis but they will also use their experience to choose a trade. This is why an experienced trader is more successful than someone who actually knows about all the analytical tools. Our United Trading Network Review found that it is unique because it successfully integrated the experience into the software. You might be wondering, what I mean by that!


Because UTN software is a social trader. It is like the Facebook of binary options, at least that’s what they claim. The implementation of social network allows experienced traders to vote on a trade. Once a trade is picked by the algorithm, the experienced traders will vote on it based on their experience. When it comes to trading, the necessity of experience is invaluable. As we said, no robot is perfect! Neither is the UTN algorithm alone. The blend of experience in the software makes it an one of a kind software.

The software promises to provide ITM rate of more than 83%. We found that the ITM rate of UTN software varies from day to day. Sometimes the UTM ITM rate is more than 90% where sometimes the ITM rate is 85%. Overall the ITM rate is satisfactory compared to other robots. Furthermore, the UTN software is semi-automatic which gives you control over placing a trade. You will be able to choose from the signal suggestions with your own experience. Consequently, the algorithm, the votes from experienced traders and your own independence of choosing a trade make UTN one of the most efficient software in the market.

The Republic’s Verdict

Our United Trading Network Review reveals that it is not another scam. The BinaryOptions Republic recommends the UTN software as one of best auto-trading software.

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