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An Honest Review on Wealth Crew

Wealth Crew looks impressive! That is what you will think after visiting their website. This is not the first time of a scam who looks really legit. But as always they ended up as a scam at the end. Consequently, the unfortunate fact is people realised that after losing their hard earned money. Wealth crew scam is a new invention of some clever fraud individuals. Also, they performed a pretty good job in terms of advertising. While talking about advertising, the real guys behind Wealth crew scam did not appear anywhere. But, get this! They used some really famous and multi-millionaire people in the front. If you are reading this, I would presume that you gave some thought investing on this awesome looking auto trader. We have done an exclusive investigation on Wealth Crew fraud. Read our Wealth Crew Review before you decide to invest in this scheme.

A brief history of Wealth Crew Software

Name: Wealth Crew! A Crew to make wealth or something? Silly!
Appearance: Looks professional! I will give you that!
Presentation: Impressive at the first look but that is not the case!
Accepted Brokers: Full of scam and unregulated brokers.
Result: Well! It won’t give you any result you would expect.
Verdict: Wealth Crew is a SCAM!!

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Detailed Wealth Crew Review

Closer Look at the Name

Wealth Crew tried to be really professional in every way. As for the name, I guess they wanted to spread a message that this crew is wealthy and they know their business. I agree! Certainly, they know what they are doing. These guys presented some wealthy famous guys on their website. Consequently, it might seem like a wealthy crew, to be honest. If that is the message they are trying to convey, Bravo! Otherwise, the name still does not make sense to us. A crew is a community, right? So, it has nothing to do with binary options or forex.

The Appearance

Thumbs up to Wealth Crew! Our Wealth Crew Review found the appearance really professional. We would even suggest this appearance to some legit services. The website is nicely built. Another thing is, all the contents are in the place where they are supposed to be. The appearance of some famous multi-millionaires is simply outrageous. You will see three pictures of some rich people. John Thain, Lloyd Blankfein and George Soros are those rich guys. Now, you might think these guys are some hired actors! Wealth Crew is a scam, right? Yes, but these people are very real. You can google these peoples and you will be surprised seeing their profile.

Wealth Crew Review Scam

Ya ya, I know what you are thinking. So how did these real famous people end up in a scam! That was my first thought. Therefore we did some research on them. And guess what, these guys have nothing to do with this scam. Moreover, we can take a fair guess that Wealth Crew did not even ask for permission from these guys. So the next question would be, is not there a privacy policy or something? Well, there is of course. These scams can’t just use pictures of some famous people. If you ask me, I would say this service will be taken down sooner than later. That might sound a bit odd. Because aren’t they trying to stay in the market? Not necessarily.

First of all, think about it. These guys used some real pictures of some real guys. Consequently, It is getting a great legitimacy even though it is a scam. Traders will fall into the trap very rapidly. Within days they will be able to generate a huge amount of wealth. Our guess is, these guys are not in the market for long terms.


Now, the video presentation. In my opinion, They did a fair job, if not extraordinary. First of all, they organised the video with some real cut scene of some events. So, at the first look, you might think these real people are associated with Wealth Crew scam. We did some digging and those events have nothing to do with it. The most noteworthy fact is that they even used some speech of those famous people. They were talking about the financial market but not about wealth crew scam for sure. But I admit, they planted those scenes very naturally in their presentation. You will not come across such a dangerous scam very often.

Even though this fraudulent is good, they are by far away from being perfect. Our Wealth Crew Review found some flaws also. The first flaw is their testimonials.

Wealth Crew Review Scam

They are in the same place with other frauds in terms of testimonials. The girl with a new car, expensive travels and bundles of money? How silly is that? Another thing to look at is, they are facebook status and comments. So we tried to find out their profile. We went pages after pages and guess what, these guys don’t exist, at least not in facebook. Either we couldn’t find them or they are some photoshopped testimonials. Either way looks totally scammy!


As always, frauds are there to promise you something you are never gonna get. Wealth Crew scam is no different. If you visit their website, you will find that they are giving you free access wich worth $500. Awesome right? Trust me, it doesn’t worth a penny. Rather it will cost you your hard earned money.

Wealth Crew Review

Their base of advertisement is that it is not an auto trader. it just copies trades from experts. That might sound reasonable. But is it? Because they also mentioned that they invested a lot on the trading algorithm. If they are just copying trades, why on earth would you need the analysis algorithm? Therefore, they are self-contradictory.

They also promise that you can earn as much as $4500 a week which is totally ridiculous. With an investment of $250, you can not earn that amount of money with even a legit robots.

More Proof

For our Wealth Crew Review, we looked up their domain. Guess what, we were right! They are not here for long term. Their domain is going expire by August 2017. They will be long gone after that and of course with your money(only if you invest). We could not get too much info but they fond that they are operating somewhere from Panama.

Wealth Crew Review Scam


Associated Brokers

There is no mentioning of brokers they are associated with. That is because all the brokers they will be giving you are scams or unregulated. Regulated brokers are one of strongest marketing tool which they don’t clearly possess. An unregulated broker mean they can keep your money if they will. They can deny your access once you make some profit. You could lose your partial fund if not the whole. Stay away from Wealth Crew scam!

The Republic’s Verdict

Our Wealth Crew Review exposed the scam. Now it is totally up to you. The Republic strongly recommend you to avoid this fraud. You have been WARNED! The Republic’s Verdict, Wealth Crew is a Scam!

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